Seychelles Team

The Senior Instructors of Ashihara Karate in Seychelles with 20 - 40 years of training experience.

Egbert Moustache

Chief Instructor

Martin Lebon

Assistant Mahe

Laina Adrienne

La Digue Instructor

Marie-Antoine Radegonde

La Digue Instructor

Sumita Joubert

Assistant Mahe

Vincent Benstrong

Assistant Mahe

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What others say of Ashihara Karate

  • Testimonial: 1

    Instructors are very knowledgeable and hands on and very good with kids

    Helga Nibourette

  • Testimonial: 2

    Its a great place for kids to become leaders with confidence an also teaching them a skill in self defence

    Deborah Ernesta

  • Testimonial: 3

    Having been involved with Ashihara Karate since inception, I can only commend the hard working team of instructors and seniors.

    Allen Niole

  • Testimonial: 4

    The best thing I could ever do was to start karate and with the Ashihara Karate Club.

    Emily Micock


Branch Schools on Mahe and La Digue

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262 0620/ 282 3545

La Digue

258 3880/ 282 0662

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