Seychelles Team

The Senior Instructors of Ashihara Karate in Seychelles with 20 - 40 years of training experience.

Egbert Moustache

Chief Instructor

Martin Lebon

Assistant Mahe

Laina Adrienne

La Digue Instructor

Marie-Antoine Radegonde

La Digue Instructor

Sumita Joubert

Assistant Mahe

Vincent Benstrong

Assistant Mahe

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What others say of Ashihara Karate

  • Testimonial: 1

    Instructors are very knowledgeable and hands on and very good with kids

    Helga Nibourette

  • Testimonial: 2

    Its a great place for kids to become leaders with confidence an also teaching them a skill in self defence

    Deborah Ernesta

  • Testimonial: 3

    Having been involved with Ashihara Karate since inception, I can only commend the hard working team of instructors and seniors.

    Allen Niole

  • Testimonial: 4

    The best thing I could ever do was to start karate and with the Ashihara Karate Club.

    Emily Micock

  • Testimonial: 5

    I chose Ashihara karate for my daughter cause I won't always be there to protect her... she grew to understand what to do by the help of the instructors who are very good at what they do... and also the other students who helps and encourages her... it feels good to see how UNITED Ashihara karateka’s are

    Valerie Elsa's mum

  • Testimonial: 6

    Since Alizé & Ariel joined karate their confidence level & physical capabilities have improved significantly in the last few months. They look forward to attending class & I feel my girls are in a safe & nurturing environment. The instructors are amazing & truly cares about the kids they train. Thank you Ashihara Karate !!!!❤️

    Beverly Hoareau mum of Alize and Ariel

  • Testimonial: 7

    I speak as a parent of a daughter bullied from school. Ashihara karate & its incredible instructors has contributed to boost her confidence. The elders of this little family work wonders ❤️

    Rania's mum

  • Testimonial: 8

    From the beginning you start training you feel welcome and it feels like a big family . It is a great place to learn discipline for children and also to gain confidence. Also for adults (woman ) It is great to learn to defend yourself . 🔥

    Marie Gabler Mikael's mum

  • Testimonial: 9

    Different in all possible ways We learn and grow together like a family we are Ashihara karate ❣️ Ezekiel is one of our proud blue belts

    Myra Pierre with her sons

  • Testimonial: 10

    Ashihara has very good discipline. Ronjani is an old member who brought her sons.



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