2021 Kaicho’s visit

In November 2021, Kaicho Hoosain Narker, together with AKI Honbu Yudansha Francious Williams visited Seychelles on the invitation of the Seychelles Karate Federation. They were hosted by branch representative, Shibucho Egbert Moustache on Mahe Island and on La Digue Island by AKI Seychelles Manager, Allen Niole.

During this visit the following promotions were awarded:
Egbert Moustache – 5th Dan
Marie-Antoine Radegonde – 3rd Dan
Laina Adrienne – 3rd Dan
Seddick Fanny Al-Abdulla – 2nd Dan
Martin Lebon – 1st Dan

Two honorary 7th Dan’s were also awarded to:
Donald Celestine – President SKF
Phillip Moustache – headmaster Kyokushin Ryu
for their unselfish contributions and support in developing karate in the Seychelles.

High-powered meetings was held with the CEO’s of the Olympic Committee, the Sports Council as well as the Personal Secretary of the Sports Minister regarding the further development of karate and Ashihara Karate in particular. Also to discuss about a possible International championships in next year.