About us

Ashihara Karate  was established in Seychelles as far back as 1995, with dojos on Mahe and La Digue.  The style  was introduced in  Seychelles by Shihan Egbert Moustache, who had the chance to train under Kaicho Hoosain Narker  in South Africa.

After that initial training session, Seychelles Ashihara Karate members had visited South Africa in the same year for a training camp and tournament and on regular occasions thereafter. Kaicho Narker had also visited Seychelles on several occasions accompanied by senior students from the Honbu Dojo. Some South African black belts had also spent stays of two months assisting in the development of the style.

​Today Ashihara Karate Seychelles continues to teach this dynamic style headed by our Branch Chief Shihan Egbert Moustache, assisted on Mahe by Senpai Seddick & Senpai Martin and on La Digue the dojo is managed by our two female Shidoin, Sensei Marie-Antoine & Sensei Laina.