SKF Chairman’s Message

It is indeed a privilege and great honour for me to be afforded this opportunity to contribute on this project as a token of recognition and appreciation for my contribution towards the development of Karate in Seychelles.

Karate was first introduced in Seychelles in 1972 with the full contact Korean Style of Kime-Ryu comprising of a small group of around twenty young men, by an Englishman and a Seychellois who returned home after completing his studies in Hawaii. Joining that sole Karate School was not easy as one had to go through very strict selective procedures. It is encouraging to note that over the years, more Karate Schools emerged in the Country, among them Ashihara  Karate.

 As we are about to celebrate fifty years of our existence, we can proudly say that Karate is firmly rooted in Seychelles with a total of seven schools with a total of over four hundred and fifty practitioners, some of them have achieved Regional, Continental as well as World Recognition. At National level our Federation was vested with the prestigious “Best Federation Award in 2018” among thirty two Associations/Federations, after attaining the Second place the previous year.   With the support and assistance from the National Sports Council and the Government as a whole, Karate in Seychelles features among the High Level Sports and has more to offer than beyond techniques, it creates true Karateka’s of value and worth, not only in the use of defensive techniques, but also in matters of friendship, of helping others and of being better human beings, something that the world today needs very much.

Finally, as Chairman of our beloved Federation, I want to congratulate and thank all members in this long march, for their undying dedication to Karate-do, and for their holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle and sportsmanship achievement .

 Shihan Donald  Celestine
7th Dan
6th Dan World Karate Federation
Pioneer of Karate in Seychelles