The Eighties

The beginning of the eighties was a period of trial and error for martial arts practice in the Seychelles. We were dependent on visitors and others for the gaining of knowledge and skills as well as for the few books and paperbacks that made its way to our shores.

A few hardy pioneers that started with the rudiments of karate at the beginning stages with some still active contributed to what is in existence today. Much of my own development would not have been possible if I did not have training partners and one that was there from the beginning and who carried on is undoubtedly Phillip Moustache who is now a 7th Dan Shihan in the Kyokushin Ryu organisation.

Phillip and I tried to master whatever we saw and it was that competitive drive that inspired and brought us to the present. Our rudimentary skills was later improved on when we started travelling abroad for studies and could then attend formal classes in different styles.