Dojo Etiquette – Ashihara Karate Seychelles – Shibucho Egbert Moustache – Sabaki Fighting Karate

Ashihara Karate, whilst modern in nature, values the traditional etiquette of Japanese Budo. We strive to maintain a respectful, peaceful and harmonious environment where members can achieve maximum benefit from all that our dojo has to offer.

Members are then expected to adhere to the following dojo rules.

1. No coats, shoes, or hats are permitted once entering the dojo.

2. No food allowed in the dojo.

3. No loud talking, cheering, or noise while classes are in session.

4. Students must bow when entering and leaving the dojo at all times.

5. No fighting (sparring) is permitted unless supervised by a Black Belt.

6. No rolling, break-fall techniques, or weight training are permitted without supervision.

7. Students must bow when entering and leaving the change rooms or training floor.

8. Please keep dojo and locker room areas clean at all times.

9. Students must always maintain a clean uniform (gi).

10. Tuition payments must always be kept up to date.

11. Proper equipment must always be worn during fighting (sparring), i.e. breast guards (ladies), groin guards (men).

12. Always show good spirit and attitude in and out of the dojo.